Manufacturer: Echelon Fine Details
Item No: AXT 351020
Title: Panzer IV F1/F2/G
Das Reich fielded F2 models, mostly likely in 2-tone truppen
schemes, with the lighter earth tone sprayed over panzer grey in
random wavy patterns. Tank "321", while exhibiting features of a
typical Ausf F2 model, was without vision slots on the turret.
Lastly but not last, the well known 6./ and 9./ 15.Panzer Regiment Ausf Gs from 11.Panzer Division in their full glory. The divisional signs in two sizes, some neatly painted, some in "broken" stencil, and also a number crudely painted. The digits are so stylized that it's unmistakably theirs. Interesting enough, "911" featured early war balkankreuz even though it was fully skirted! On some of the turrets, the railroad stencils clearly painted. "924" was the "maverick" of the whole lot, insisting on having it's own stylized turret numbers.
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