Item No: ARC 02
Title: 11 Panzerdivision in action, 1941
Soft cover, small format 6.5"x 9.25" , 112 pages, 8 pages on color, over 140 photos.  English text only.
The book covers the first two years of existence and combat
activities of the German 11th Panzer Division (Pz.Div.11.)
during its finest period - in 1941, when fought at Balkans and in
Russia.  From the moment of its creation, it was a famous division,
fame that grew from combat. It was one of the few divisions to have
its own nickname Gespenter Division (The Ghost Division)
and to have its own unofficial emblem the Ghost painted on its vehicles alongside the official OKW approved emblem of a yellow, vertically bisected circle.
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